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The property

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Furnsihed city apartments in the heart of Nuremberg

The SMARTS property at Stephanstraße 5-9 is a new modern building complex consisting of three interconnected structures. The four- and seven-storey buildings offer a total of 459 apartments for students and apprentices.

Integrated into the established urban environment, the property also scores points with green roofs and a well-thought-out open space concept for the surrounding green and planting areas.

The laundry rooms in the basements eliminate the need to go to a laundromat and offer communal use of the washing machines, which are paid for per wash.

A large common room with access to the roof terrace can be rented by the tenants. With a large fitted kitchen, various dining areas and comfortable seating, TV and foosball table, it invites you to cook together or enjoy film and game evenings.

Nuernberg Areal Lageplan 1
Location and transport links

Everything important is within easy reach

The SMARTS residential complex is only 1.5 km as the crow flies from Nuremberg city centre. And although the entire urban area can be accessed from the nearby Nuremberg-Dürrenhof stop via the S-Bahn lines S 1, 2 and 3 as well as the bus line 36, many everyday errands can also be completed quickly on foot or by bicycle – be it shopping in the supermarket, a visit to the doctor or a snack in between.


  • S-Bahn stop Nuremberg-Dürrenhof 300 m
  • TH Nuremberg 1.2 km
  • TH Nuremberg, Faculty of Design 900 m
  • OHM Professional School/Technical College 1.7 km
  • Vocational school 600 m
  • Fitness centre 550 m
  • Copyshop 450 m

The apartments

Arbeits Und Schlafbereich Küche Smarts Nurnberg 01 E8 03142023 154149
The facilities

Student apartments that leave nothing to be desired

The 453 one-bedroom apartments and 5 shared accommodation units at SMARTS are compactly designed and partially barrier-free. Floor-to-ceiling windows let light and air into the rooms and offer a wide view of the surroundings. In some cases, small outdoor seating areas are adjacent. High-quality furnishings in a timeless design ensure attractive living comfort.

  • Design vinyl flooring in the living areas
  • Level access showers with real glass partitioning
  • Sun protection blinds
  • Galley kitchen
  • Framed desk, hanging shelf, desk chair
  • Box bed with storage box incl. slatted frame
  • Linen cupboard
  • Coat rack



Nuer 34

Smart solutions in a small space

The 1-bedroom apartment promises a comfortable 20 m2 for immediate living. With a practical design and a sensible layout, it not only offers attractive four walls to live in but also a great living space in which to cook, eat, work and sleep. The spacious bathroom with level access shower is compact but comfortable.

Nuer 39
2-bedroom shared flat

The quiet one

With two rooms of roughly the same size and a communal living/kitchen and dining area, this 2-bedroom flat-share of around 55 m2 is definitely a somewhat different “student digs”. Outdoor seating for each bedroom, a chic shared bathroom and a practically furnished hallway complement the rooms in a sensible way and, thanks to their unique floor plan, offer an individual place to stay for student teams of 2.

Nuer 456
4-bedroom shared flat

The lively one

The 4-bedroom flat-share promises relaxed togetherness, with a practical floor plan of around 100 m2, two bathrooms with the same fittings, a sensible division of four similarly sized bedrooms and study rooms, and a spacious living area with room for cooking, eating and spending evenings together. From here you can access the four bedrooms, while a small hallway provides access to the two bathrooms.



The location

Nuernberg Makrolage Nuernberg Makrolage 3 Nuernberg Makrolage 5

A centre for science on course for growth

From fine arts to artificial intelligence – for over 30,000 students, Nuremberg is a temporary adoptive home and offers an ideal environment for creative minds from science, research and business. In addition to renowned universities and research institutions such as the Friedrich-Alexander-University, the Academy of Fine Arts, the University of Music (Hochschule für Musik), the Institute of Technology and the Nuremberg Campus of the Distance-Learning University (FernUniversität) in Hagen, a large number of other private universities and study centres make Nuremberg a “Centre for Science” and offer a variety of study options in an urban environment.

In a city of short distances, many places can be easily reached on foot or by bicycle. In addition, public transport by bus and train offers quick accessibility within the city, which is increasingly focusing on electromobility and transport transition. However, it also impresses with its infrastructure planned with cars in mind. Business, science and creativity are also interconnected in Nuremberg, where inventive and entrepreneurial minds have been meeting for centuries. Last but not least, this innovative spirit has made Nuremberg one of the most dynamic high-tech centres in Europe, where economic potential is combined with a high quality of life.

Nuernberg Makrolage 4 Nuernberg Makrolage 1 Nuernberg Makrolage 2
Nuremberg St. Peter

A balanced life

St. Peter is considered an insider tip among Nuremberg students, as it is hard to find a cheaper place to live closer to the city centre than in St. Peter. Located south of the Wöhrd district, which forms the perfect neighbourhood with the FH campus, Institute of Technology, cafeteria and library, and offers extensive recreational areas around the corner with Wöhrder Wiese, Wöhrder See, Luitpoldhain and Dutzendteich, a good balance of university life, city and nature can be achieved in St. Peter.

But it is not only students who appreciate the relaxed residential area around St. Peter’s Church and the Historic Tram Depot. It is the mix of different age groups and nationalities that breathes life into the district and provides a neighbourly environment for pensioners, young families and students alike. The beautiful old town with its quaint charm and urban bustle is also within easy reach – for shopping, celebrating and enjoyment. Numerous churches and half-timbered buildings characterise the old town, where the winding alleys are buzzing with life against the historic backdrop of Nuremberg Castle – in trendy bars and iconic shops, elegant restaurants and romantic cafés.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

The apartments in SMARTS Nürnberg can be rented by students (full and part time) as well as people who are currently in education or training.

The rental agreement is concluded for 3 years (with special right of termination). The notice period is 3 months.

Yes, the lease contract includes an index-linked rent. The rent is determined by the price index for the living expenses of all private households in Germany, which is determined by the Federal Statistical Office.

The deposit to be paid in three net rents (the net „cold“ rent plus utilities can be found in the rental agreement). There are no processing or agency fees.

The deposit needs to be transferred to the landlord’s secure account according to § 551 Paragraph 2 BGB.

We offer inhouse underground-parking for cars. In addition, there are numerous bicycle parking spaces in the basement as well as in the outdoor facilities.

The building is connected by the provider Telekom. A WLAN connection is not included in the rent.

The keeping of pets has to be checked case by case and requires the approval by the landlord an a side letter to the lease contract.

No, there are no tenant cellars.

Yes, there is a large common room with kitchen and seating and access to the communal roof terrace. This can accommodate up to 200 people at a time.

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